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Webinar on Securing Web Applications

Attackers frequently target web applications, looking to exploit plugin vulnerabilities and use brute-force attacks to compromise security. This course offers strategies and tools to defend against these threats.

13th PSITE Bicol Convention and General Assembly

The 13th PSITE Bicol Convention and General Assembly is an event organized by the Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators (PSITE) Bicol Region. The theme for this year’s assembly is “Beyond Borders, Beyond Threats: Advancing Philippine IT Education.

ADOBE Express and Firefly Seminar

PSITE Bicol Levels Up Creativity with Free “Adobe Express and Firefly Seminar”
PSITE Bicol members recently had the opportunity to unlock their creative potential with a free seminar titled “Adobe Express and Firefly Seminar.”

Navigating The Digital Frontier: Securing The Future

Infotech Gears Up for the Future: Recap of “Navigating The Digital Frontier: Securing the Future” Seminar
Infotech Development Systems Colleges, in collaboration with PSITE Bicol