Webinar on Securing Web Applications


Attackers frequently target web applications, looking to exploit plugin vulnerabilities and use brute-force attacks to compromise security. This course offers strategies and tools to defend against these threats. It will delve into third-party plugins’ challenges and the importance of vetting plugin installations. Moreover, participants will gain insights into the latest lists of trusted and untrusted plugin installations, equipping them with the knowledge to make informed decisions regarding plugin selection and deployment.

In the latter part of the course, attention will shift to brute force attacks, with participants understanding the mechanics behind these intrusive techniques. Brute force attack tools used for penetration testing will be explored, along with strategies for mitigating the associated risks and responding swiftly to thwart ongoing attacks.

This course empowers participants to proactively safeguard digital assets and maintain the integrity of online systems.

The course is suitable for web developers, cybersecurity professionals, system administrators, and anyone involved in developing, deploying, or managing web applications.

Whether you want to enhance your security knowledge or protect your organization’s digital assets, this course provides essential insights and practical techniques for effectively mitigating common threats.

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Link: https://bit.ly/4e8mQQ9